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About Us




Barbara Lewis has more than twenty-five years experience training dogs.  She has participated in competitive obedience, "Go-to-Ground" for terriers, tracking and Therapy Dogs.  She began working with people with disabilities and Assistance Dogs in 1993.

She is founder of A New Leash On Life, Inc., a non-profit agency that implements dog training programs in correctional facilities.  The dogs are evaluated for natural traits and their training tailored to a specific job as a Therapy Dog, nursing facility resident dog, Assistance Dog or family pet.
She is a professional member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Cairns of Oklahoma and endorsed by National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors.
Barbara lives with a Cairn Terrier, a bunch of Labrador Retrievers, a Whippet, a Hound Mix, and assorted shelter dogs.


INSTRUCTOR - Jackie Konarik

Jackie Konarik began dog training in 1993 after several years experience with horses.  Her experience raising pups to be trained as Assistance Dogs has given her the opportunity to study dog development and behavior.  As a trainer for A New Leash On life, Inc. and Listen Up Pup, she works with a variety of dogs.  She has a demonstration dog named "Tulsa" that is helpful in showcasing the tasks an Assistance Dog can provide.
Jackie lives two Golden Retrievers, a Husky mix and two cats.




Shelia has a life-long love of dogs but began more serious training with the addition of her first Golden Retriever 2001.  She enjoys the experience of many different obedience instructors that she has had the opportunity to learn from - sometimes it's what NOT to do - but always gains from the interaction.  She assists in training Assistance Dogs for people with disabilities. 

She is an avid reader and enjoys training, development and behavioral books on dogs.


Shelia lives with a Golden Retriever and an "Assistance - Dog - In - Training" being trained for a client of A New Leash On Life, Inc..